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Aloha of America is a consulting and representation company based out of Orlando, Florida. The company began in the tour and travel sector working mainly with the Brazilian Market. It has now expanded into all Latin American markets as well as corporate groups and events. Our CEO, Annie Marie had the objective of being the liaison between venues and clients so that the best possible product could be offered. Our team of five works closely together to increase company growth and success.

Aloha of America specializes in adapting venues to the Latin American Market. In the restaurants represented we have built events, menus and entertainment to create a unique experience for our international groups. We also have designed vouchers for individual travelers complete with meal and entertainment. In retail, Aloha works closely with tourism companies and tour guides to bring groups in the door while giving them special deals.

We Love Our Clients, and Our Clients Love Us

We came from Punta Cana, and we would like to thank Aloha of America for all the courtesies our group received in Nascar, TGI, Vinito, and NBA. We are very pleased and satisfied with the service and next year we’ll be contacting you again.
Tour, Viaggi S.R.L.
Reciban un cordial saludo de todo el equipo de Orlando Acevedo Tours; por medio de la presente les hacemos llegar nuestro más sincero agradecimiento por todo el apoyo brindado durante nuestra temporada de Verano; ya que sin la colaboración, coordinación y profesionalismo de su equipo, no hubiera sido posible lograr esta impecable operación. Una vez más, reiteramos nuestra satisfacción y agrado de contar con aliados como ustedes y esperamos poder seguir trabajando en conjunto para la temporada del próximo año y promover nuevos proyectos para 2016. Un saludo especial a todo el equipo de Aloha of America que hacen posible la satisfacción y unas vacaciones memorable para nuestros clientes.
Tour, Orlando Acevedo Tours

Meet The Team

Annie Bittencourt
Annie BittencourtCEO
Born and raised in Brazil, Annie Marie Graduated in Tourism and Hotel Management and moved to Portugal for a different learning experience and also a Master in Marketing and Communications. Before her graduation her passion for traveling and learning new cultures made her come to Orlando, FL (USA) for an international work and leave experience in the Walt Disney World Resorts where she had the opportunity to do different trainings with costumes services and classes.

In Europe she had the chance to learn and work in events, public relations, hotel and marketing which made her get more in love with her own path and also confident on risking a new career and life out side of Brazil.

In Brazil her family owns a chain of surf shops called Aloha, which came to be the name of her company once in America also.

Annie was always involved with her family business, and because of that she credits all her achievements to what she considers to be the best school of all, working on his parents companies. Transitioning on all the departments from warehouse controller to director, having her father as her mentor and example.

It wasn’t until 2003 when she decided to follow her dream to work in the hospitality industry in Orlando. And with no contacts but a lot of hope, Annie’s career began, with an opportunity given by the owner of a chain of surf shops (Quiet Flight) asking her to handle the Latin American market.

It was a matter of time until her career and relationships would grow to be strong in the market that she had the knowledge and focus on.

Today she does consulting and development on the Latin American market for some companies like Ocean Tour and Transportation, Vinito Ristorante, and Nba City.

Annie is considered a natural sales person but what she values the most are the relationships that she has built along the trajectory of her life.

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Jessica Nardulli
Jessica NardulliEvent Sales Manager
She graduated with an Event Management Degree in December 2012 from the University of Central Florida’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management. She discovered her passion in corporate events, and she has learned the importance of team work and gained leadership skills. Her experiences in the events industry, along with her education, have prepared her to play a successful role as an event manager. She’s fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, as well as in English.
Climilton Braga
Climilton BragaDJ
Climilton Braga was born in Manaus, Brasil. He graduated from The University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Legal Studies. His career goal is to grow as a professional in the Financial Services Field. He has experience as a tour guide in the city of Orlando, dealing with a large Brazilian Tourist population. He is fluent in Portuguese and English, and proficient in Spanish. His interpersonal communication skills and leadership qualities are his strongest traits.
Marie Monique Bittencourt
Marie Monique BittencourtDJ/ Personal Shopper
Marie Monique graduated with a degree in Fashion Design in Brazil (2007), then spent a few years in Milan, Italy finishing her Masters in fashion and working for companies that produce some of the most famous brands in the world such as Chanel and Louboutin. Once back home she worked as a Shoe Designer and Stylist. A couple of years later, looking for a new adventure she decided to move to the US. Here is where she joined the Aloha Team, proudly becoming Dj Mo for the teenagers and corporate parties, also has learned the sales aspect and has used her knowledge in Fashion, as a Personal Shopper. Fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian now she’s back home again and still part of the Aloha Team as a supporter from Brazil.
Maria Luiza Barboza
Maria Luiza Barboza
Born in Santa Catarina Brazil, she lived most her life in the tourist city Balneário Camboriú, where she had contact with Brazilian and Latin tourists. All work experience was in sales and found true passion in having contact with people. Her experience with sales started with the business of parents and than she had the opportunity to work in one of the largest surf shops in the city where she resided. Your goal is to grow the events and Interpersonal Relationships market by improving their professional skills and experience in the future.

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